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Sunset At The Sea of Tears

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When the 9-5 grind became too much, I took the leap to leave and begin my own creative art studio including my background in Architecture & Interior Design. I decided to name it Seni (Suh-ni) ; which literally translated to Art in Malay. My ethnicity has long-been a point of pride, and I felt that a simple and literal approach to it spoke louder than any obscure abstract meaning could. The culmination of my creative journey has been based on the support from my family and mentors. My logo is a mix between my mother's and father's signatures. The flow and connections within their monograms have been a childhood fascination, and this multi-disciplinary studio and its output is dedicated to them; roots and all

Latest Work

Protest Art

Seni Studios x NOLIMIT


Period Poverty in The New Age

The Audacity

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